Nate is already as good as many network broadcasters and should be at that level within a few years. When I heard a young Ian Eagle [of CBS Sports], it was immediately obvious that he had a chance to become a prominent network broadcaster. When I heard a young Joe Buck [of FOX Sports], it jumped out at me again. Nate has the same potential.
— Bob Costas: Play-by-Play and Host, NBC Sports/MLB Network
Nate’s talent and perspective are exceptional for his age. He has the best tape I’ve seen. When I heard him, I felt like I was listening to a network broadcaster. I have little doubt Nate will reach that level very soon. I don’t think he’ll be one who has to wait very long for big-time opportunities. Nate is going to be a huge credit to this industry ... big things are on the way. I’m honored to have my name associated with his...
— Jim Nantz: Play-by-Play, CBS Sports
Nate will get to the major leagues. He already sounds as good as anyone that’s doing [TV baseball] games for the networks. He’s way beyond his years. I wish I called games as well as Nate at 25, let alone at his age. I firmly believe he will move up the ranks quickly. If I were a minor league GM, I’d hire Nate for any job. He has the right cadence, quite listenable, descriptive, very smooth ... nice variety of word choice ... Nate’s way ahead of the game…
— Joe Block: Play-by-Play, Pittsburgh Pirates
I am very impressed with what I heard on Nate’s tape. He is very accomplished for his age and experience. It is difficult to critique someone who appears to be this far ahead of the normal curve. As an example, when I last listened to over 100 audition tapes for the vacant Bucks radio job many years ago, I heard distinct differences between those with NBA experience, NCAA experience and those with less experience. Based on that project, I would have placed Nate in the upper middle to upper NCAA bracket, among announcers with a great deal of experience. In my opinion, that is saying something ... Just keep up the great work … he has excellent tempo … great feel and recall with a very comfortable and confident delivery. Nate simply has great talent and a wonderful head start on a terrific career … with his level of talent, he will go very far in this business. People will find someone of Nate’s ability. They will want him to be with them. They will NEED him to be with them. Nate is headed for very great things.
— Jim Paschke: Play-by-Play, Milwaukee Bucks
Bill Brown, Houston Astros
Nate’s work sounds very good. He has really worked quickly to improve his use of his skills. Nate is invested in the broadcast and locked on to the game, as a broadcaster should be … high quality stuff. His voice is excellent … he keeps his voice under control during the big moments of the game but still portrays the excitement of an important play. Nate handles the duties of a TV play-by-play broadcaster perfectly, allowing his analyst the proper amount of time for insights. In Nate’s opens, the writing is excellent and the delivery is strong. His pacing is good and the content has a natural flow that is easy to follow. His enunciation is precise ... his descriptions (on radio) are excellent ... he can rise to the occasion of a big moment. His work is top quality and exactly what I was hoping to hear. Nate is on a very nice course for a major league job someday ... he has a chance to be very special.
— Bill Brown: Play-by-Play, Houston Astros (Ret.)
To understand the rhythms of how to properly call a baseball game at Nate’s age is incredible. You don’t hear many of his experience able to command the timing of baseball on the radio like he does. Nate has one of the best baseball calls I’ve heard from someone that young. He’s got a very bright future.
— Adam Amin: Play-by-Play, ESPN
I had a chance to listen to Nate’s demo and what stood out to me was a very polished sound. Very advanced ... it’s clear he’s called a number of games. I thought his description was great, on top of the action ... What I thought was really great was that Nate was excited, but not too excited ... I still fight that fight, but he really kept his poise, yet let the listener know that things are happening. I have no critical comments for Nate, just to tell him keep doing what he’s doing.
— Brian Sieman: Play-by-Play, Los Angeles Clippers
I just finished listening to Nate’s play-by-play and I was really impressed. There is not much I can say ... it was really good. Great grasp of the fundamentals. Nate really painted the picture, the calls were accurate, his voice is good. I was thrilled ... great work.
— Ken Korach: Play-by-Play, Oakland Athletics
Adam Young, New Mexico State University
Nate is one of the rising stars in our business. He is polished beyond his years and possesses a skill set that is rare for a college sportscaster. I’m excited to see what’s in store for him in the future. Nate Gatter is a name to remember for years to come.
— Adam Young: Play-by-Play, New Mexico State University
Nate is well on his way ... I’m impressed. His pacing is good, and his use of accurate but descriptive words is really good. Nate paints a really accurate picture for the listener. I also like how smoothly he weaves stats into the action. Nate is in the right profession. He will do well.
— Steve Savard: Play-by-Play, St. Louis Rams (Ret.)
Eric Nadel, Texas Rangers
Nate’s play-by-play is excellent ... most important, there is a smile in his voice, which is the hardest thing for a lot of young announcers to do. Excellent descriptions ... painting the picture ... love that kind of stuff. Nate’s pacing is perfect ... not too fast, not too slow. I am very impressed — Nate sounds much more like a big league announcer than a Frontier League announcer.
— Eric Nadel: Play-by-Play, Texas Rangers; 2014 Ford C. Frick Award Recipient